Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cigar Tips

The first thing anyone should do when buying a cigar is make sure it's fresh. In order for this to happen you need to order from a reliable online store. I always shop with these guys for my cigar . Cigars dry up in less than 24 hours after their removal from the humidor. To determine if it's fresh, pinch it with two fingers, like you're pinching a girls ass;)

Wrappers should be tender. If it's hard and the wrapper cracks, it's dry, donate it to charity. Also look at the whole box. If you see any discoloration is another sign of a bad cigar.
Next I want you to cut the head of the cigar. Cutting the head will give you a healthy draw; cutting too little makes the cigar hard to smoke, and cutting too much makes the wrapper unwind. By now you should have a good cutter. A single blade will do, but it needs to be halfway decent. I'd recommend spending $40.

More to come later on the next steps...